SUPPORT: Publications
Magnet Tracking: a new tool for in vivo studies of the rat gastrointestinal motility 01.06.2006
Motility of the human colon: comparison of radio marker technique with Magnet Tracking System 21.08.2005
Noninvasive verification of nasogastric tube placement using a magnet-tracking system: a pilot study in healthy subjects 01.08.2005
Gastrointestinal motility of the rat as studied by Magnet Tracking 06.07.2005
Postnatal development changes of the intestinal contractile function in rats 10.06.2005
Magnetic pill tracking: a novel non-invasive tool for investigation of human digestive motility 15.02.2005
Modeling: Electrical and mechanical activity of the intestine: experimental assessment and biophysical modeling 01.01.2005
Electrical stimulation of the colon for treatment of chronic constipation: a study in pigs 01.01.2005
Monitoring of digestive motility in real time: a tool to study human conditioning and biofeedback 19.05.2004
Modeling: Analysis of cluster evolution in a model of intestine electrical activity 21.09.2003
Magneto-detection in the gastrointestinal tract: a new technique for non-invasive verification of nasogastric tube placement 17.05.2003
Oroceal transit times in healthy subjects assessed by magnetodetection and lactulose breath hydrogen test 17.05.2003
Technical: Magnetic Tracking System for Clinical Investigation of Gastrointestinal Motility 01.01.2003
Technical: A magnetic tracking system based on highly sensitive integrated Hall sensors 01.01.2002
Spatial and temporal analysis of human gastro-intestinal motility by using a magnetic tracer 11.11.2001
Spatial and temporal organisation of enteric pacemakers 28.06.2001
Technical: High sensitivity Hall magnetic sensors using planar micro and macro flux concentrators 10.05.2001
Technical: Tracking system with five degrees of freedom using a 2D-array of Hall sensors and a permanent magnet 01.01.2001
Non-invasive examination of gastrointestinal motility by using magneto-detection 15.10.1998
Detailed analysis of the frequency of human spontaneous gastric contractions 03.07.0005
Colonic movements in healthy subjects as recorded by Magnet Tracking System 03.07.0005