First of all, Motilis addresses the R&D market for drug & food development. More knowledge of gastrointestinal dysfunctions is required for designing better drug treatments and customizing them.

Industry and academic laboratories are also waiting for a novel tool to better study motility under different conditions or to better understand the physiology of this relatively unknown and complex function of the “abdominal brain”.

Motilis product is the ideal tool to understand and evaluate, in animal and in human, the effect of:

• Existing and new GI drugs
• Side effects of drugs
• Food intake and composition
• Electrotherapy (SNS, obesity)
• Surgical interventions
• Biofeedback
• Stress
• Maturation of the gut
• Knockout genes
• and others

Motilis Customers
• Nestlé (CH)
• Novartis (CH)
• GSK (UK)
• University Hospitals
• and others