Based on the knowledge and experience already gained in the research market, Motilis will improve the management of gastro-intestinal patients with its capsule based device delivering faster and better diagnosis in a more patient friendly way at reduced costs.

A tool to support the diagnostic of GI functional troubles, more specifically for
• Dyspepsia,
• Gastroparesis
• Constipation
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It will answer the main questions: Where is the problem located? Is it permanent or intermittent? Does it respond to the therapy?

A tool to help doctors in the prescription of the adequate therapy and in the monitoring of its efficacy. This would be a major improvement over the trial-and-error treatment strategies mostly used today.

The unique advantages of MTS make it ideal for use in children. Even in infant, for instance suffering of rare congenital disease (Hirschsprung) it is a unique solution to better guide surgery.

Collaboration with the University Hospital in Lausanne (CHUV and HEL). Dr. MER Blaise Meyrat, Prof. Jean-Claude Givel