GI Motility Monitoring
MTS2 is an innovative pill technology based on a magnetic tracking system.

The position and the orientation of the ingested pills are recorded through the whole gastrointestinal tract. From these data, detailed information about transit and contraction patterns is extracted.

MTS2 Capsule
The small electronic pill ingested by the patient emits a signal during its entire transit through the GI tract. This signal is recorded and subsequently downloaded to a data management station in the physician’s practice. The physician can immediately see the results and counsel the patient.

The MTS2 system is also able to track multiple pills simultaneously for a comprehensive and faster diagnosis.

- A Sampling rate of 10Hz allows for a high resolution of movements and motility patterns.
- Battery life is at least three days of continuous emission. In case of very slow transit, the capsule spreads the emissions over a longer period.
- The size of the pills used for adults is 8mm in diameter and 20mm in length, considerably smaller than other ingested pills used in gastroenterology, and readily used by patients.

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Ambulatory Monitoring

The external detector is housed in a garment and has the feel of normal clothing. Immediately after ingestion the patient should not undertake any strenuous activity for a period of 2- 3 hours, subsequently normal active life can be resumed. The jacket must be worn overnight. Usually the pill is excreted within two days.


When the patient returns the jacket, the data are transferred to a computer. The physician has access to raw data and to a report showing an overview of the transit.Segmental transit time, detailed dynamics of the progress through the small intestine and the colon (fast and slow progression, oral movements), rhythmic activities are displayed on the graphical interface. The 3D trajectory also gives information about anatomical conformation.

Product development status

- Clinical studies, mainly on healthy subjects, have been carried out with MTS1 device.
- Publications on clinical studies (link)
- First studies with MTS2 will start beginning of 2010.

Research MTS1
MTS1 provides the same information with a fixed system (not ambulatory). MTS1 pill contains only a permanent magnet and thus can be made very small. The system is intended for preclinical application (small animals like rodents) for drug developments or other research applications.